Cuz I needed to smile today

And here’s my 23/30 National Poetry Month poem.  It’s the first draft, meaning I haven’t smoothed out the rhyme yet.  So just deal with it — like I’m dealing with still writing my annual Shakespearen sonnet just days after Prince left this planet a helluva lot duller this week.


“Don’t Make Me Lose My Mind!”

Each year, this month, this day, I write a poem:

on the twenty-third of April the Bard was born.

My middle-namesake called an island home

before a banished Duke made It forlorn.

Was Ariel a male or androgynous sprite?

Back then, the generic “he” might be applied,

though flaring-nostriled academics fight,

for tiny-minded, chasmic sex divide.

And, certainly, male privilege reigns supreme

— this country spits on femininity!

MLK and Alice Walker had different dreams

that I could philosophize about for infinity….

But for now my rhyming politics are done,

for on this week came the death of The Purple One.




[Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!  Rest in peace, sweet Prince!  *Title from “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince (1984)]