Words Happening?! is a casual Books & Arts blog with a lot of Links and a few monthly Highlights posts.  The primary focus is the literary written word (poetry and prose), but it includes visual arts, performing arts, and miscellaneous categories that writers and other weirdos might enjoy.  (Pardon the mess here in December, 2016. The blog is being slowly but surely cleaned up and updated for the new year.)

This is an extension of my writer’s blog, Making Books. Because I am a Boston-born writer and small-press publisher who lives in Massachusetts and routinely travels by T, MA poetry venues and literary events are highlighted (and most are T-accessible).  “Write what you know.”

If you’d like to see an event listing from your city, state, or province, submit it with the organizer’s name and contact e-mail and/or phone number.  It’s better if you have a permalink to a calendar or a blog.  Know that all listings will be mercilessly edited and paraphrased to fit the blog’s guidelines. Nothing personal.

Submit events listings or ask questions:  making2@outlook.com
Subject: “Words Happening”.  I get a lot of junk mail, so any messages minus the subject line will be deleted.  Do not send attachments.

I hope you enjoy hanging out here.  Do come again.  Bring your friends.

~ Mignon Ariel King

*Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

[Updated December 19, 2016]