September, 2016

Welcome to the beginning of the poetry season in MA (and a wave to the returning students who keep the city from getting too quiet through May/June of the next calendar year)!

Here’s the Mass Poetry Calendar.  You’re welcome. 😎


HIGHLIGHT (And date correction)

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 1pm.


Plymouth’s Annual Poetry Showcase combined with a juried visual arts show.



Cuz I needed to smile today

Because Prince Would Want Us To Be Petty Right Now

And here’s my 23/30 National Poetry Month poem.  It’s the first draft, meaning I haven’t smoothed out the rhyme yet.  So just deal with it — like I’m dealing with still writing my annual Shakespearen sonnet just days after Prince left this planet a helluva lot duller this week.


“Don’t Make Me Lose My Mind!”

Each year, this month, this day, I write a poem:

on the twenty-third of April the Bard was born.

My middle-namesake called an island home

before a banished Duke made It forlorn.

Was Ariel a male or androgynous sprite?

Back then, the generic “he” might be applied,

though flaring-nostriled academics fight,

for tiny-minded, chasmic sex divide.

And, certainly, male privilege reigns supreme

— this country spits on femininity!

MLK and Alice Walker had different dreams

that I could philosophize about for infinity….

But for now my rhyming politics are done,

for on this week came the death of The Purple One.




[Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!  Rest in peace, sweet Prince!  *Title from “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince (1984)]


Ever-transforming, 2016

We lost one of the rarest, ever-transforming artists of all time 3 days after his 69th birthday.  I will add more links about him to the blogroll as I gather them and as I gather myself for various changes and attempts to continue growing as an artist.  I refuse to say goodbye.  Thank you, David Bowie!  It was an honor to share this planet with you!

Pardon the appearance this site.  It is being updated, and one hopes it will be tidied by January 1, 2017.  Pay no attention to the words below this line.  Hey!  I saw you peek.

(Posted here is my take on the ultra talented Jessica Harman’s novella). 

~Mignon Ariel King, Editor