September 2015 – (MA) Highlights

Phantom Gourmet Foodfest at Fenway Park – Sat., Sept. 19th.


PTAOW, 10th Anniversary Poetry Showcase – Sunday, Sept. 29th at 1pm.  [FREE and combined with a visual art exhibit]


Boston’s New Poet Laureate, 2014

Boston has appointed its 2nd Poet Laureate!  Hurrah to Danielle Legros-Georges!  Kudos to the 1st Poet Laureate of Boston, Sam Cornish (2008-present) on doing Beantown proud for the past seven years!

Danielle Legros Georges Named Boston’s New Poet Laureate


October 2014 – Mass.

2. Stefanie Rocknak’s statue of Boston-born writing legend Edgar Allan Poe has been installed in Poe Square, Boston, Massachusetts.  Welcome home!!! FB-PoeMak2 Edgar Allan Poe and Mignon Ariel King – Yeah, I took a “selfie” with him!


3.  THIS IS A HIGHLIGHTS POST.  See the blogrolls here and on my Making Books blog.

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